Today's WTF is from Darren S., who reminds us of the complexity of source control software.

A few years back, I worked at a large consulting company.  I was in a small dev team, and some of my colleagues were, erm, less than stellar.  One day, one of them came running into my cube (yes, that kind of company), waving her hands around and screaming in a "sky-is-falling" voice, "The SourceSafe repository's corrupted!  All the filenames are wrong!"

Being the de facto VSS administrator (since nobody else had a clue how it worked), I probed a little, and discovered that apparently the filenames of all the checked-in files were truncated.  All of them -- every single file.  I thought for a bit and asked her,

"Paula- have you tried widening the VSS window and stretching the column so you can see the whole filename?"

Perplexed silence, then she took off without saying a word.  I never heard any more about it.

This is why I've always advocated a developmestuction environment.

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