As it would turn out, the earlier post today was not real. To be fair to me, the top of the post read "I found this in production code ..." but at the way bottom, it was "i'm making this up". But still, my bad! So, here's a few short ones to start off your week ...

From Anonymous:

Our system has just gone into production. It was a rushed migration off an old system. There's all sorts of problems occurring, business impacted all over the place. And with each new problem, those of us in the development team are reminded of what the project director said during the early planning stages when someone pointed out how little time had been scheduled for testing. He said: "We have better things to do than test."

was shocked that British Airways would think to leave off Pope as a title from their registration page.

Tim Cartwright
found an item I wouldn't generally expect Target to carry.

And finally, here's something from Dominic Allison:

I was contacted by someone i'd done some work for in the past. They wanted to know if they could recover the files from the recycle bin once deleted. When I asked why it was so urgent they replied that the user had been using the recycle bin as their main storage for all their work.

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