"I came across this message while trying to change my company's address with Dunn & Bradstreet," Maq writes, "apparently, they found our legal status to be too, um, titillating, and therefore UnAcceptable."


"The USAF really plans for the future," writes Daniel, "not only does this list accommodate people not born in the past, but for those who are, it will suffice for at least a few more decades."


"I these should be okay," writes David Merrifield, "these are supposed to last forever, right?"


"What's surprising about this message is that it's up about 50% of the time," writes David.


"I was a bit surprised to see that 8.5% sales tax could yield two different results," writes Joseph Gordon.


"I opted for the 'sports' package when I bought my car," wrote Quentin, "who would have thought it would allow me to reach those kind of speeds? Plus, those negative times make me think I'm an inch away of finding the time travel functionality of the thing."


Anthea spotted this on Facebook while trying to upload some pics.


"At least there was good description for the no description message," writes Jeremy.


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