Jacob S. apparently wandered away from the line and wasn't even in the right city anymore.

Serg K. made Visual Studio get all confused and disoriented.

Justin S. is too savvy a customer to fall for this:

Similarly, Lukas M. didn't get roped into this shady deal:

I don't really follow golf, but man, I can't believe I hadn't heard of Mike Weir's amazing game at Pebble Beach. Consider me and Nils H. impressed!

"Imagine my surprise when I saw the news this morning that the minimum wage was increased," wrote E. J. Gonzales. "It's nice to know that Osama and the rest of Al-Qaida are so concerned about the average working citizen!"

Colin S. can think of at least one problem with dispensing $0.00 bills.

As a huge Formula One fan, David W. jumped at the chance to purchase one of his favorite drivers.

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