But not as in Where's Waldo ... those are seriously tough. I'm talking about the one in the back of the Highlights magazine that all dentists' and doctors' offices seem to have. You know, where it's a illustration of a cat in a tree, and you're supposed to find the cat? I love those ... you get such a feeling of accomplishment.

But anyway, let's see if you can find the WTF in todays VB6 code from Tim C ...

Public Sub cmdRefresh_Click()
 lblBlah.Caption = RefreshBlahBlah() 
End Sub
'ED: Snip Public Function RefreshBlahBlah() As String ' ' Display the last update applied to the database and when. ' Called on Form Load and after each update. ' ' No software updates have been applied. ' On 8 March at 8:00am you processed update 4. ' Dim s As String On Error Resume Next On Error GoTo 0 If SelectSQL("LastUpdateSQL") = 0 Then ' Never done an update s = "No software updates have been applied." Else s = "On " & _ Format(SelectSQL("LastSuccessfulUpdateSQL"), "d Mmmm") & _ " at " & _ Format(SelectSQL("LastSuccessfulUpdateSQL"), "h:mm am/pm") & _ " you processed update " & _ SelectSQL("LastUpdateSQL") & "." End If RefreshBlahBlah = s End Function
Private Function SelectSQL(col) As String 'ED: Snip opening a connection to the database, opening a recordset, ' returning the requested column End Function

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