"This came with my Lexmark 4650 wireless printer," wrote Daniel Kokan, "I don't know whats worse. The fact that my wireless printer came with an installation cable, or the fact that it's the first printer that has."


"I'm so very happy that Visual C# Express gives me the option of installing to D: to save some precious disk space on C:," writes Carsten.


"I spotted this at the Willmington, NC Best Buy," wrote Rob Bruton, "that's an interesting choice of a model name for Dell."


"I caught this ad on late-nite television," wrote Alasdair, "I better call to claim my £000's!"

"This is really slowing down my telecommute," Justin wrote.




"I came across this error at FutureShop.ca (Canada's Best Buy) while trying to change my password," writes Brandon M, "apparantly, a 7-character password didn't meet their requirements... nor did a 8, 9, or 38."


"This came up after I installed a new sound card," Simon wrote, "I guess I won't use it for calls then?"


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