Looks like we're back up and running. Seems like it was a transformer that blew, causing total power outage of the data center (which would explain their lack of phone support). Ah well.

So here goes post #12. Have a happy Festi-kwanz-ukah-mas!

I've had the pleasure of working with a developer who strongly believes that all classes external to your assembly (even core framework classes) should be wrapped in an internal class. The idea goes something like this. If your external class ever changes and the author decides to make it not backwards compatable ... and the new version of the class is actually required, you only have to change your wrapper class once instead of having to do a global search and replace.

Fair Enough. Reader Vijay's colleague employs this concept full throttle:

Remember. Hey, you never know when the implementation of the Integer DataType will change. But when it does, Vijay's colleague will be safe.