"I received this bill from my health insurance company," Jeroen wrote, "normally, you'd expect insurance companies to be pretty precise about collecting money, but this time I'm still wondering how much money they want me to send them... or where I should send it to."


"I was trying to debug a problem with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software," writes Johannes, "their website has a kind-of semi-intelligent guide, but it didn't actually drill down to my actual problem. At least some astrologers may find their '42' answer here."


"It seems that Microsoft has started an ad campaign for their Visual C++ Runtime Library," writes Bart Kuik. [SUBPUP] Perspective error


Tom Pullen writes, "thanks for the performance tips, Informix!"


"Yeah, that is what I meant," wrote Ryan, "can we install it, please?"


Steve writes, "the thing I like about Macs is that they 'just work'. Even when they don't!"


"I live in The Netherlands, so which South Africa should I choose?" wonders Reinier.



(from Michael Robinson)


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