• RonBeck62 (disco)

    Fanook? No, that would be FANUC, as in http://www.fanucamerica.com/

  • FrostCat (disco) in reply to RonBeck62

    Seth got an EE degree, then, after a stint in the Navy, got a double-E degree? What's the difference?

  • WernerCD (disco) in reply to FrostCat

    He's so EE he's got EE's in his EE for his EE!

    Honestly... I would assume a Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering - Dual'E.

    Something like http://engineering.missouri.edu/ece/degree-programs/bs-ce-ee/

  • boomzilla (disco) in reply to FrostCat

    I assumed he got a Master's degree after the Navy. Who knows?

    This article has helped to assuage my fear that the robots will take over and kill us all.

  • HardwareGeek (disco) in reply to boomzilla

    I didn't listen to the audio, just read the transcript. It has enough minor errors like that (e.g., "started working for a defense contract") that I didn't pay much attention to that one.

  • Tsaukpaetra (disco)

    Team 1290 For The Win! :smiley:

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