• sloosecannon (disco)

    frist deuce

  • JBert (disco) in reply to sloosecannon

    This challenge is not about being the first though, this time it's endurance.

  • RFoxmich (disco)

    Judging by the <!--'s TRWTF is Pennsylvania.

  • rc4 (disco) in reply to RFoxmich
    TRWTF is PennsylvaniaBelgium


  • jkshapiro (disco)

    31 dice in play is enough for anyone.

    • B. Gates :trolleybus:
  • operagost (disco)

    I think 31 dice in play is quite enough for most people, especially given the caltrap-like properties of d4s.

    Indeed. Perhaps the mage only gets to roll a puny 1d4 in melee, but when the DM gets back from the bathroom he's going to find a surprise on his seat.

  • operagost (disco) in reply to RFoxmich

    Indeed. Only special interests, like the restaurant workers' union (of which the state store workers are members), support the status quo. The majority wants to get rid of the state stores and most of the even dumber restrictions on beer sales, but is utterly disenfranchised.

  • Zylon (disco)

    Today brings us the fifth and final entry about the Lucky Deuce.

    And there was much rejoicing.

  • Ghandi (disco)

    Using more modern, terse language to get the same thing done.

    class DieEnumerator : Die {
        public DieEnumerator(int faces, Random randSource) : base(faces, randSource) {
            Current = 1;
        public int Current { get; private set; }
        public bool Overflow { get; private set; }
        public void Next() {
            Overflow = false;
            if (++Current == faces + 1) {
                Current = 1;
                Overflow = true;
  • Vaire (disco) in reply to Zylon
    Today brings us the fifth and final entry about the Lucky Deuce.

    And there was much rejoicing.

    Seriously. I don't care if the site runs a contest, but I do care if the contest takes the place of the articles, a.k.a. the main reason I come to the site.

  • herby (disco)

    It seems to me that the "Infragistics bonus" is just another "comp". So, how do I get a new computer comped to me. Maybe if I write a program that is sold at some "app store" that the house (which always wins) runs (keeping a small percentage). So, the house needs to calculate the anticipated sales and comp accordingly.

    Very enterprisey!

  • dkf (disco)

    a state where you can’t even buy beer in grocery stores

    Wait, is that a thing place? Not even the weak stuff that's less than 5% alcohol?

  • Forgotmylogin1 (disco)
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  • HardwareGeek (disco) in reply to RFoxmich
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  • anotherusername (disco) in reply to HardwareGeek

    My greasemonkey script never forgets...

  • ScholRLEA (disco) in reply to jkshapiro
    31 dice in play is enough for anyone.- B. Gates
    He's obviously never played in a HERO System campaign.
  • Dan_Neely (disco) in reply to RFoxmich

    It gets more WTF. About 4.5 years ago we elected a governor who campaigned in part on dismantling the state booze monopoly and whose party also had full control of both halves of the state legislature. It turned out that while he was an excellent grandstander (which served well in his last job as state attorney general); he had no clue how to negotiate with legislators to get anything passed. As a result after 4 years during which the house and senate bickered over how big of a nuke they wanted to drop on the state stores without actually agreeing with each other on anything. For his sins, the useless bastard ended up the only governor to ever lose re-election for a second term and we still have the most Utarded booze laws this side of SLC.

  • RFoxmich (disco)

    Can't be as bad as a state who's first letter is C and last letter is t. I remember on 8pm Saturday night having to drive across the state line to New York to buy alcohol. There were stores there that were lit up like casinos in Vegas.

  • dkf (disco) in reply to RFoxmich
    There were stores there that were lit up like casinos in Vegas.

    That reminds me of going to a border crossing between Sweden and Norway. This small town on the Swedish side had gone absolutely crazy selling cigarettes and alcohol; even the doctor's surgery had a sign out advertising that they were selling those two products.

    Blame the Norwegian government's luxury taxation policy. :smile:

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