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  • Foo AKA Fooo (unregistered)
    1. 0..6 vs. 1..7

    2. they may want to send confirmation to your phone (of course there's a user-friendlier way to tell you that)

    3. if (due != 0) ...

    4. nothing wrong here (if the seller demands this price, well) ...

    5. so tired can't even spell worknig rigth

    6. if (new_price > old_price) /* don't tell the customer*/; else ...

    7. and he did remember 2005 (as in uploading the photos), didn't he?

  • ipguru (unregistered)

    3 - would be fun to have the bailiff come around & force you to accept the cash :-)

  • operagost (unregistered)

    One MEEELION dollars!

  • Carl Witthoft (google)

    Clearly the price dropped by a few Columbian pesos (2230.882597 per Canada dollar), so yes the price changed and no it wasn't more than one Canadian penny.

  • Zemm (nodebb) in reply to Foo AKA Fooo

    nothing wrong here (if the seller demands this price, well) ...

    From memory, this is the sign of a deeper WTF: Amazon didn't have a sandbox for developers so with the way the system works (it only shows lowest prices) the way to test your integration was (is?) to set your products to some ridiculous price and assign discount codes to yourself to bring it down to free or cheap. Surprised there's not more Amazon WTFs!

  • NoLand (unregistered) in reply to Foo AKA Fooo
    1. looks to me rather like an artifact from a (failing) number to string conversion using zero-padding: "String(1000000 + amount)" missing ".substring(1)". So the amount would have been rather 24.95.
  • Stupid (unregistered)

    @Ryan K Would you perhaps consider that sending OTP to your mobile phone to reset the password might have something to do with it?

  • Soonix (unregistered)

    Perhaps the pictures were scanned/converted on that day?

  • kurkosdr (nodebb)

    Those 1 million dollars were Zimbabwe dollars. Dude had his pack of bubble gums promptly shipped to his address and he took advantage of the 0.007% discount.

  • Robert (unregistered)

    As for the smartwatch on Sundays: I am guessing that the culprit is a conflict between C-style weekday numbering (Sun=0, Mon=1, ... Sat=6) and ISO weekday numbering (Mon=1, Tue=2, ..., Sun=7).

  • Greg (unregistered)

    the gift card effectively put them in "the 2 comma club"...

  • Jeff Dege (unregistered)

    If Scotia Bank can tell whether I'm using the same password for both accounts, something is very wrong with the way they are storing passwords.

  • urkerab (nodebb) in reply to Jeff Dege

    Since you're actually setting the password, it's trivial to check whether it accesses any other of your accounts that the system already knows about. (I don't know how realistic it is for that system to know about the other account.)

  • Benjamin (unregistered) in reply to Jeff Dege

    Not necessarily, it's OK if they are comparing the stored hashes to see if they're the same.

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