• Derp (unregistered)

    Sweet merciful jesus get some better microphones, it sounds like I'm in a bad voip conference.

  • timmy (unregistered)

    Are you guys making Thursday podcast day? Just wondering, then I can skip Thursdays along with Fridays. Painful is the understatement of the year, and remember this is the year of "I'm sure Trump won't act like that once he is sworn in". Could I submit the DailyWTF Podcast as the next DailyWTF, or is that way too recursive for everyone?

  • <(''<) <( ' ' )> (> '')> (unregistered)

    Maybe the audio could be mixed better? It's a bit grating.

  • Remy Porter (google)

    Uh, the RWTF is that some idiot uploaded a cut with the levels overcompressed because it was way easier to edit the episode first and then level the audio later. I might be that idiot.

  • Chris (unregistered)

    The transcript is much easier to follow this week. Well worth the change!

  • The_Quiet_One (nodebb) in reply to timmy

    Oh, Timmy. Were you too young to remember Mandatory Fun Day?


    That was the epitome of pain. Although I agree with you these podcasts are painful, MFD remains the most gut-wrenching of all daily articles at TDWTF.

  • Ross (unregistered)

    Not that anybody at theDailyWTF will care, but I too have no fucking interest in a DailyWTF podcast, or any other podcast whatsoever. I won't listen, I won't read the transcripts. I'm hoping that you continue putting "Software On The Rocks" in the title so I can get my RSS feed reader to ignore them.

  • Appalled (unregistered) in reply to Ross


  • Ulysses (unregistered)

    Uhhhh... smack.

  • SunDog (unregistered) in reply to Ross

    I second that. I know you mean well but frankly it's a waste of my time.

  • bambam (unregistered)

    Read the machine translation of the train crossing segment. Its hilarious.

  • Scarlet_Manuka (nodebb)

    I think the bit when Justin suggested that Sharp Edge could take a little bit off his rent is better:

    For you ingesting take a little bit off my iran or something that’s found team.

    ... I really don't know what the point of having the machine transcription is supposed to be. I think that the first time adequately established its utter uselessness, and I don't see any other reason to have it. It's too long and painful to read through in search of entertainment.

    On the other hand, the proper transcription was far superior than the first time, almost no errors at all. Keep this person around :)

  • Kevin (unregistered)

    I absolutely love the new podcast! I listen to Smodcast, Nerdist, etc on my way to/from work and at lunch and this one made my day last week. But it was a PITA to play via Chrome on my tablet. How do I get this on Beyondpod or another pod feed app?

  • Jesse (unregistered)

    For what it's worth, I don't really listen to podcasts but I really enjoyed reading the transcript for this one. YoloOps, love it!

  • niza (unregistered)

    Sweet merciful jesus get some better microphones, Nice, thanks for writing this. i always read your every articales .your word are so percious keep writing for us


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  • smith (unregistered)

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  • Evanessa (unregistered)

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