• Steve_The_Cynic (nodebb)

    Steam troubles again? Bah. I have to have my IPS/UTM firewall(1) set to disable certain alarms on connections to the Steam servers (well, actually to a range of machines on Akamai, which they use as a CDN) otherwise chunks of the GUI, especially the store, don't work correctly. (Fussy: they sometimes work, sometimes don't.)

    They say to disable stateful inspection for all their traffic. I say, "Fuck. That. Shit."

    (1) External free-standing one, supplied by work. Not the bottom-of-the-line model either, since that can't cope with 200 Mbps download speed.

  • bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    intellicast weather? I've seen their glitches but never had an idea to post them here

  • JustSomeDudette (unregistered)

    The Holiday Inn one is hardly a WTF, more a poorly presented. It says "You have selected" past tense, so you chose a single room and NA (not appilicable) you didn't have any preferences for the other options. Not you have three choices two of which are not viable options.

  • Sam (unregistered)

    TRWTF is some enterprise environment that uses November 30 1899 as its zero day.

  • -2211753600 (unregistered)

    As a european i was confused by the 140°F - to others wondering, it's about 27 millielectronvolts.

  • -2211753600 (unregistered)

    Edit: actually it's 28.7, rounding is hard.

  • Ron Fox (google) in reply to Sam

    That would/could be JTable's rendering of date fields with NULL values or so says a google search for 1899-11-30

  • Gurth (nodebb) in reply to -2211753600

    I thought it was 1 farad, given that any number (except 0) to the power 0 equals 1.

  • Ulysses (unregistered)

    It would appear that Paula now works for Google. The End Times are upon us.

  • Edward W. (unregistered)

    That's not the message I wrote for the Steam one, but it's certainly better than the one I wrote. Dunno why, but I've been getting more of these errors in Steam lately.

    BTW the funds were added just fine, it's just the confirmation screen said undefined for some unfathomable reason.

  • Payday Loans (unregistered)

    A viable answer for a late wireless installment or detached telephone is to utilize a loan advance to cover the bill until the paycheck arrives. Payday Loans

  • djls45 (nodebb) in reply to Gurth

    Actually, even 0^0 = 1. Any number to the zeroth power is 1.

  • czbird (unregistered) in reply to -2211753600

    Never heard of milielectronvolt being a temperature unit. 140 Fahrenheit = 60 Celsius. Quite hot for outside.

  • Alon Altman (google)

    Iberia is not a "new airline", it's the national airline of Spain, and a founding member of the OneWorld alliance. My guess is GMail grabbed some code from the body of the message.

  • David (unregistered) in reply to djls45

    And zero to any power is 0. That's why 0^0 is indeterminate and both 0 and 1 are wrong.

  • Yog-Sothoth (unregistered)

    To mortals djls45 and David...

    Recommended reading: Wikipedia, Gamma Function.

    Also, joke for the mortal day (heh): ....history v. future. Hah hah ha!

  • I'm not a robot (unregistered) in reply to Sam

    Makes perfect sense (FSVO) if you give it an all-zeros date (possible in MySQL at least) and it interprets year zero as 1900, and has lax handling of out-of-range month and day values - (19)00-00-00 is then one month and one day before 1900-01-01.

  • jkshapiro (nodebb) in reply to Yog-Sothoth

    Curious (truly) how the gamma function applies here. It's related to the factorial function, which is cool, but this discussion is about exponentiation...?

  • ankurr5421 (unregistered)

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  • ankurr5421 (unregistered)


  • ankurr5421 (unregistered)

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  • ROBIN (unregistered)

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