• PB (unregistered)


  • Andrew (unregistered)

    I see what you did there.

  • Developer Dude (google)

    So if I am one of those hippie Java devs, I have to first print it out, put it on a wooden table, take a picture of it... then print out the picture, scan it, then upload as a PDF to the Submit Your WTF form?? :-0

  • Dennis Krøger (google)

    The real WTF: Using Visual Studio (non-Code)

  • Ulysses (unregistered) in reply to Developer Dude

    If you're a Java hippie, you have to manually release the scanner interface after you finish.

  • dkf (nodebb)

    tip: search "wtf", not a whole lot comes up

    TRWTF. It ought to match almost everything.

  • pieflavor (unregistered)

    IntelliJ IDEA plugin when?

  • pieflavor (unregistered) in reply to pieflavor

    I'd say Eclipse plugin as well, but the plugin might get confused as to what TRTWF is and submit the entire IDE.

  • Ron Fox (google)

    I don't see the gain. I still have to print out the code, take a picture of it on a wooden table, scan it in... and now instead of just mailing the PDF to you, I need to apply my OCR software to the scan so I can get Visual studio's plugin to submit the WTF?

    That's no help at all.

  • masterX244179 (nodebb)

    Link to WTF-submit in first paragraph 404-s

  • drkstr101 (unregistered) in reply to pieflavor

    Just use Gradle and generate plugin projects for all three. Now e'rybody happy!

  • Developer Dude (google) in reply to pieflavor

    Makes no difference to me.

    I would have to submit 99% of the legacy (almost 20 years old) Java project I work on in order to present the big picture of what is one giant steaming pile of WTF.

  • delta (unregistered)

    This is awesome man - delta emulator download

  • Fugol (unregistered)

    Oh I did not know you could do that, this has been nice to know about! I have to work on this customwriting at the moment but I sure will be back to learn more. This is really nice of you to let us know though.

  • Hassan (unregistered)

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