Dan J.

Dan J. lives in Vancouver, BC. He's been developing software for going on eight years, during which time The Daily WTF has gotten him through many a terrifying codebase.

Apr 2013

Do Not Remove Complete!

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It wasn't easy for Ben to find a snippet from the monstrous codebase he maintains that fully demonstrates the Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot rating it deserves. Sure, there were calls to the data layer from the UI, and, yeah, there was at least one method called DoSomething() that no one dared to modify. But those are all de rigueur at The Daily WTF. He needed something... more. Something worse. Something layered, like an onion, and twice as eye-watering.

He needed this:

The Database Master

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Maurice had always found it curious that his company didn't administer any tests to new hires. It seemed like a minimal amount of work to save the company time and money. The new "IT Systems Expert" that HR sent to his department did little in his first few weeks to dissuade Maurice from his opinion.

This particular expert, Ben, liked to toot his own horn. He would toot it at length, and to whomever was in the vicinity. He was tooting one of his favourite achievements at Maurice one day, a gripping story of triumph at a major telecom company, when the telephone rang: A branch office couldn't access the main application supported by Maurice and his team. He turned to Ben.