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Dec 2014

It's Raining on the Robot

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It's Raining on the Robot

On the way to the data vault, Dave and his coworkers tried to list every rain-related song they knew. Here Comes The Rain Again was an easy one. Ryan, raised in the nineties, offered I'm Only Happy When It Rains. Justine tried to get out in front of the competition by rapid-firing November, Purple, and No. Thad, veteran of a hundred karaoke battles, offered Blame It On The Rain.

But none of them had heard It's Raining On The Robot before.

The Amazon River

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Growth is challenging for any company, and the smaller a team is the more carefully they have to vet candidates to ensure a good fit. Carlos understood this, but had never seen it practiced as extensively as when he applied for a systems management position at Initech. The scrutiny applied to their candidates suggested a company obsessed with finding the perfect fit, and Carlos couldn't imagine the quality of the incredible team they must have already. Between the recruitment agency and Initech itself, he'd had three interviews and completed four online tests, including every developer's favorite: a personality quiz. Shaking hands with Carlos after the most recent interview, Initech's senior developer and his would-be boss promised he'd get a call that day or the next with the company's decision. Days went by before his phone rang, Initech's chipper HR person on the line.

"Hi Carlos! I was hoping you had a few minutes to answer a few questions."