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Aug 2014

The Database Gazes Also Into You

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When Simon asked us to consider this code from his predecessor's custom-built PHP CMS, we weren't terribly impressed:

$rs = new RecordSet("SELECT * FROM moduleData WHERE moduleID = '".$moduleID."' ORDER BY displayOrder ASC");

Literal Scripting

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The HR team at Initrode were a happy bunch, casting their nets into the perpetual stream of eager undergrads from nearby WTF U. It was a summer tradition at Initrode to invite a school of juniors to get a taste of their future by spending the long, sun-drenched afternoons of their dwindling youth hunched in cubicles.

Chris was on the Dev Tools Team at Initrode, building widgets and gizmos to help his fellow developers be more productive. Since few of his colleagues were willing to unleash students on production code, the duds among the summer-student pool tended to end up on Chris's team. And that's why the intern at the center of this SOD bears the pseudonym Dudley.