Recent Coded Smorgasbord

Inspired by the Pop-up Potpourri, the examples presented here aren't necessarily "bad" code nor do they imply the miserable failure that we're all used to reading here. The examples are more-or-less fun snippets of code like ones that we've all written at one time or another.

May 2016

A Spiritual Journey

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Hold your souls tightly, for today, we pierce the veil into the great beyond. We shall examine existential questions and commune with spirits. We shall learn what eternity holds for us all.

First, we must bring ourselves to the edge of death, into a liminal state where time does not pass, where the conscious mind takes a back-seat to the spiritual realm. Mark found this C# code to do the job:

Finding a Path

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Readers of TDWTF know all too well that dates are hard. Strings are also hard. You know what else is hard? File paths.

Like dates, and strings, most languages these days have libraries to simplify parsing filepaths. For example, in Python, you can use the os.path module to parse out the directory structure, the file, and its extension without too much effort.