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Jun 2016

The Oracle Effect

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In 800BC, if you had a difficult, thorny question, you might climb the slopes of Mount Parnassus with a baby goat, find the Castalian Spring, and approach the Pythia- the priestess of Apollo who served as the Oracle at Delphi. On the seventh day of the month, the Pythia would sanctify her body by bathing in the waters of the spring, drinking water from the Cassotis- a portion of the spring where a naiad was said to dwell- while the high priest would sprinkle holy water about the temple. Thus purified, they’d take your baby goat, lay it before the fires of Hestia, and cut it open to read your answer from its entrails. Unless it trembled the wrong way- that was a bad omen; they’d throw an exception and tell you to try again next month.

The Oracle of Delphi, Entranced