Recent Coded Smorgasbord

Inspired by the Pop-up Potpourri, the examples presented here aren't necessarily "bad" code nor do they imply the miserable failure that we're all used to reading here. The examples are more-or-less fun snippets of code like ones that we've all written at one time or another.

Jun 2019

Classic WTF: Code Comedians

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Everybody's a comedian, until the joke's on them. We close out this week of classics with some code and comments by people who were being funny. We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming next week! Original. --Remy

When it comes to bad code, everybody thinks they’re a comedian. Heck, look at us! Stupid programmer jokes are a game everyone can play, though, so let’s enjoy an evening at the Improv with some code comedians.

Brian sends us this enum, which I’m sure was very funny back in 2007.