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09 Oct 2015

Installing Flash Player is Hard Work

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2015-10-09

"Installing Flash Player sure is hard work," Mike H. wrote, "good thing that Adobe suggested taking a bit of a break afterwards."

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08 Oct 2015

Sponsor Announcement: Scout

by Remy Porter in Announcements on 2015-10-08

Our sponsorship program has been a great success, and we’ve got another great sponsor to help us keep this site running and bring you the horrors that your jaded eyes crave, along with special features like TDWTF Live and our recent BYOC contest about the Lucky Deuce. Our newest sponsor is Scout. They donate $10 to the Larimer County Humane Society every time somebody tries out Scout, and now they’re launching a new tool…

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08 Oct 2015

Not So Unique

by Maciej Stachowski in CodeSOD on 2015-10-08

When designing a database schema, it's often important to assign a unique identifier to each record. Such surrogate keys almost always make querying for data both simpler and faster, and the overhead of an additional column is usually a cost worth paying. As such, nearly all databases provide some means of generating such identifiers, either in form of sequential numbers, or more fancy UUID schemes.

Snowflake macro photography 1

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07 Oct 2015
06 Oct 2015

The Most Pessimistic Search

by Jane Bailey in CodeSOD on 2015-10-06

Sometimes here at TDWTF, we get code snippets that are immediately obvious in their wrongness. But sometimes, the code only looks mildly inefficient, and it's up to the submitter to let us know how bad it actually is.

Common snail

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05 Oct 2015
02 Oct 2015

Adult Supervision Required

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2015-10-02

"I was found that my NAS was choking on small files," Lionel S. writes, "Now I know it was a marble all along."

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01 Oct 2015

A Handle on Events

by snoofle in CodeSOD on 2015-10-01

As developers, we try to write software that will be helpful to our users. Sometimes, we'll do key-by-key examination of what they're typing to do auto-complete. Sometimes, we'll look at a type-field entry to display the relevant subset of subordinate fields to be entered. Sometimes, we'll even try to coalesce error messages so that the user gets one message with a list of mistakes as opposed to one message per mistake.

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