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02 Sep 2015

Getting Comped

by Remy Porter in Bring Your Own Code on 2015-09-02

Today brings us the fifth and final entry about the Lucky Deuce. This is a series of challenges, brought to you by our pals over at Infragistics, where we call on you to help us build a “scoundrel’s casino”. Read to the end, because this week's challenge has a bigger prize- some TDWTF-emblazoned hoodies for the best entries.

Last week was your first shot at a “straight” solution, and the entries really showed it. Pretty much everybody got straight into the problem.

Honorable Mentions

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01 Sep 2015

Byte me

by Jane Bailey in CodeSOD on 2015-09-01

Nibbles in a byte

The great thing about Android is the low barrier to entry: thanks to open-source tooling, emulators, and the decision to build on a language often taught in schools, just about anyone can write a simple little app.

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