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So...When is Maintenance Again? (from Eric J.)

I got this email from one of the hosting providers we use for some smaller sites. I just can't figure out when I should be prepared for the maintenance. Today (which is Friday the 26th), the 29th (which is Monday), or on Tuesday (which I'm assuming is what they meant by Tuesdayay).



Storage Tax Refund (from Matt Whitfield)

Woohoo! Looks like the HMRC have decided to refund me some storage space. I'm going to ask to be refunded in 1.44MB floppies...


Be sure to bring a Wetsuit (from Visakh)

This is an email I got from a recruiter. Seems like I need to know brush up on my scuba diving skills.


An Interesting Email from a Very Confused Customer (from David)

Subject: Complaint/Concern

To Whom it may concern,

I am interested, and am already using a number of your programs, 
but, I was just wondering what programming language you use?  
I don't like to use the Python language.  My Grandmother went 
to India 13 times doing Missionary work, I went with her seven 
times, and we know how many people over there die every year 
from venomous snake bites.

I also have concerns about the Java language.  The company that
developed it, Sun Corp. and now more recently Oracle, does not 
hold to the Biblical standards that we so fondly cherish. Recently, 
Java has also been the subject of security concerns in the States.

Thank you very  much for your attention!
Awaiting your reply.


What's in a (Computer) Name? (from Jacob L.)

I'm setting up a new network for a business and have to eliminate all the old computers from our static IP list. Rather than ping them all to test, I asked everyone in the company (a tech company of about 40 people) to send me their computer's name. I gave them instructions and said if they have trouble to come ask me. This is the response I got from someone in our sales department.


Step 1...Profit? (from David Smith)

After purchasing VMware Fusion I wasn't sure where to start. Luckily the confirmation email they sent me had steps to follow.


Web 0.1 Spam Filter (from Dan)

An interesting way of avoid email spam... I received this automated response while trying to contact one of our customers:

Subject: RE: Project Details

This email address is for a redundant mail server only. If you have legitimate 
business to discuss, please phone 01908 437661, or alternatively print your 
email and fax to 01908 437667. We apologise for any inconvenience.