Mark Bowytz

Besides contributing at @TheDailyWTF, I write DevDisasters for Visual Studio Magazine, and involved in various side projects including child rearing and marriage. Twitter: @mbowytz

An Internet of Crap

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"One can only assume the CEO of Fecebook is named Mark Zuckerturd," writes Eric G..

Next Stop...Errortown

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"Rather than tell me when the next train is supposed to arrive, this electronic sign is helpfully informing me that something's IP address is...disabled?" Ashley A. writes.

All Aboard the System Bus

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"The classic 'If transportation had evolved at the same pace as computers...' comparison is no longer merely academic as this TTC streetcar proudly displays it's nearing 32K RAM," Carlos writes.

A Sour Currency Mix

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"Lime bikes are finally in my city! Let's pay for it...So if my USD balance goes below GBP 0 it'll top up with ...AUD?" Ben writes.

A Generic Holiday Title Goes Here

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"Sure, there's the obvious 'they didn't put any effort into the email subject,' but the placeholder kind of shows they didn't intend to in the first place," Chris wrote.

Trouble at the End of the World

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"Normally, the solar face in Apple Watch, is supposed to show a single 24-hour period," writes Juan C. wrote, "It turns out that going to Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world) makes it a bit confused, specifically stating that noon is midnight and showing more than one day."

The Error is ...Terror?

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"Lasterror...Las terror...Terrorist...Zoroaster...They're all so close! Which one do I choose??" wrote Ralph.

Cash vs File Cache

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"This was the ATM in the lobby of a certain hotel in Vienna," wrote Buddy, "The nice lady working at the reception desk said that 'it's been doing that, but it usually works.'"