Mark Bowytz

Besides contributing at @TheDailyWTF, I write DevDisasters for Visual Studio Magazine, and involved in various side projects including child rearing and marriage. Twitter: @mbowytz

A Right to Remain Ever Conscious Blooms

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Eion R wrote, "Sure Google Voce, that is exactly what I was looking for."

The Reason is NULL

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"Turns out that you shouldn’t use your edge browser to download Chrome because of potentially malicious links and...null," wrote Allen B.

Investigation of Satisfaction

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"There are premium translation services, and then, well, there are the rest," Dave P. writes.

We Need a Windows Install CD in Aisle 7

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"Encountered this one while attempting to weigh some vegetables and well...the scale crashed?" writes Sam.

Real Formatting Advice

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"VMware Team decided to send me some useful advice via e-mail," writes Antti T.

Latin is Making a Comeback?

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"Well, if I need an email template, lucky me, I now have one handy," writes Paul C.

Let's Hope it's Only a Test

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"When the notification system about the broken NYC MTA is broken, does that make the MTA meta-broken?" writes T.S.

Full Price not Allowed

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"When registering for KubeCon and CloudNativeCon, it's like they're saying: Pay full price? Oh no, we insist you use a discount code. No really. It's mandatory," writes Andy B.