Mark Bowytz

Besides contributing at @TheDailyWTF, I write DevDisasters for Visual Studio Magazine, and involved in various side projects including child rearing and marriage.

Taking Things a Little Too Literally

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"Web design pro-tip: If it takes a while to load data, just put an 'Animated loading spinner' on the screen," wrote Stuart L.

The Reason is False

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"Thanks for the explanation because thanks for the explanation because false!" writes Paul N.

Garfield Only Wants the Best for You

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"I have two questions: First - Why make the dropdown go all the way down to 1908 if you don't want people selecting it? Second - Why can't I view if I'm 101 years old?" wrote Tom.

Not so Smart on Sundays

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"Every Sunday my 'smart' watch does this. Other days, it displays an abbreviation of the day," wrote Lawrence W.

Nicht Gesprochen

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"I can't read German, but that doesn't look like glowing praise," writes Bruno G.

Banking on the Information Super Highway

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"Good to see Santander finally embracing modern technology!" writes Sam B.

Errors for Everyone!

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"All I wanted to do was to unsubscribe from Credit Sesame emails, but instead I got more than I bargained for," writes Shawn A.

What's my Age Again?

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"For your information, Walmart, no, I'm not too old to buy this game, no matter how many years old you think I should be," wrote Ryan F.