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    The last one is clearly fake news, not only the elections were stolen, but even the captions for the photo.

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    That's not as bad as the long ago eBay ad for technetium-99m I got.

    The stuff isn't delivered, period--it's users manufacture it on site because of it's 6-hour half life.

  • Worf (unregistered)

    99m-Tc is a decay product of 99-Mo. Those come in neat things called "Moly Cows" because the Molybdenum is shipped around (half life of 66 hours, so it's shippable). As it decays, it produces the 99m-Tc, so you're "milking" the generator to get your Technetium (it literally is like milking).

    I've had to a nuclear scan and got a neat card to show people because I'd trigger the radioactivity detectors around.

    After the scan, I hunted for my Geiger counter just out of curiosity. It actually triggered the alarm from 20 feet away making it really easy to find. Yes, I measured myself every few hours and it was neat seeing the numbers go down by half. A fun little experiment.

  • Foo AKA Fooo (unregistered)

    Yesterday I googled some error message and got an ad "find everything about [error message] at Amazon". Afraid to say, I didn't, they had neither the error, nor any solution.

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    Yeah, I should have said "produced" rather than "manufactured".

    As for radioactivity detectors--my wife got one of those cards and then managed to leave it home (she put it in the pocket of the jacket she planned to wear, then she wore a different jacket.) Las Vegas airport--nothing. Los Angeles airport, another half-life later--nothing. Shanghai/Pudong, two more half lives, she trips the alarm. They're awfully casual about it, they take her word for it about the heart scan and don't even do the simple test of running a geiger counter over her and her bag. Then she trips a second one and nobody even shows up! (Note: She speaks Mandarin at native fluency and with a Shanghai accent.)

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    That placeholder is, in fact not a bug, it's a comment on Trump's politics, heavily influenced by Lorem Ipsum. If you didn't know it, many of his speeches and policies are based on modern interpretations of the original poem...

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    I agree with election stolen comment by first poster. All elections are stolen. It is fact. People vote and leader get elected.

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    Is that supposed to be some sort of a UUID for a percentage sign(%)? I usually just push two keys to get it (Shift +5). If your database engine is using it as a wildcard, then you might need to escape it.

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    Wait, you can just get your chosen weather delivered now? That's going to make the summers around here a lot more livable, let me tell you.

    Hope I can afford to get a few weeks of cool weather delivered every year. I'll have to look up the prices.

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