Chat about C

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I've known a surprising number of developers who say, "Why use any higher level abstractions, you can just do this all in C, and the code will be cleaner and easier to read." Sometimes, they're right. Other times… not so much. And then there are the developers who find C too abstract for their tastes, and eschew things like structs.

That's what Renee encountered when inheriting a chat server written in C. I'm guessing it was an IRC server, based on some terminology in the code.

Classic WTF: An Ant Pushes a Perl

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It's a holiday in the US today, so as per tradition, we reach back through the archives. Today is a classic of code generation gone horribly, horribly wrong. Original. --Remy

It’s an old joke that Perl is a “write only language”. Despite some of its issues, back in the early 2000s, Perl was one of the best options out there for scripting languages and rapid-development automation.

Speaking of automation, build automation is really important. Back in the early 2000s, before Maven really caught on, your build automation tool for Java was Ant. Ant, like everything invented in the early 2000s, was driven by an XML scripting tool. Since it was tuned specifically for Java, it had some high-level operations to streamline tasks like generating proxy classes for calling web services based on a supplied WSDL file.

It's Our Party

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...and we'll cry though we really don't want to.

Celebrant Joe cheered "Happy birthday DailyWTF! My gift to you, yet another date related Error'd for the pile."

A Date This Weekend?

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Alan worked on a website which had a weekly event which unlocked at 9PM, Saturday, Eastern Time. The details of the event didn't matter, but this little promotion had been running for about a year and a half, without any issues.

Until one day, someone emailed Alan: "Hey, I checked the site on Sunday, and the countdown timer displays 00:00:00."

Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Name Length

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We're all used to Java class names that are… verbose.

Arno sends us a representative Java line, which demonstrates that this doesn't end with class names.

Regional Variation

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Visual Studio and the .NET languages support a feature known as "regions". Enclosing a block of code between #region SomeName and #endregion creates collapsible regions in the text editor.

It can, in principle, help you organize your code. It does, in practice, make code like this, from Mark, possible.

A screenshot of Visual Studio, where 770 line function is split up using regions

Delectable Code

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Good method names are one of the primary ways to write self-documenting code. The challenge there, is that documentation often becomes out of date.

Take this delectable PHP nugget, from Nathaniel P, who has previously been tortured by bad date handling.

ABQ is the bomb

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This week we have an unusual number of submissions involving dates or timestamps. That is, the usual sorts of error'ds, but unusually many of them.

Gerald E. chuckled "I do love the back to the future movies. But now I can see Beck from the future."