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Sep 2022


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I know that I recently implied a fondness for cooked corvid, but if this keeps up I'm going to turn vegan. It will be a sad day if I have to turn in the barnyard puns.

Reader Ruthless R. goes in HAM, crowing "Daily WTF goes WTF with its RSS Feed." It's getting to be less funny.

Taking the Piss

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In case anyone is wondering "is there anything so lame that it's not even good enough to get published by Error'd", the answer is yes. There is a category of submissions that is very common, but in the completely capricious opinion of this editor, just not very funny. That category is clearly broken listings on We usually get two or three of these every week. We save them up, and maybe someday the news will be so slow that we have no choice but to run an entire column of nothing but Amazon bloopers. This week was no different from the usual, except that this time the September stress has struck a nerve and so you get to see what the brink of madness looks like from the inside.

Tippler Matthias poured one out for us. "Seems someone already tried some of the good stuff while uploading the images to Amazons catalog."


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Never let it be said that we at TDWTF don't enjoy the taste of our own medicine. Andrew I. shares with us a little taste of his own crow, and then we share with you a little taste of Remy's. It's not quite a full meal, but you can call it an amuse bouche.

But first, Sam B. serves up some sure fled pie. "This Brexit business is getting out of hand. Lenovo says even the United Kingdom has left the UK."

Pub Kick

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Last week's article nearly exposed to the public the lowest-key techreligious war that has been waging for decades. PEBKAC versus PEBCAK completely underwhelms the emacs vs vi war, the GUI vs CUI massacre, the tabs vs spaces schism, and even the -- + // alliance against the /* and (* comment markers. Scratch a PEBCAK partisan and all you'll find is a bit of blood and a response of "OW! Why did you do that?! There isn't any war!!" Even the partisans deny it exists but it simmers. It's PEBKAC, I tell you. PEBKAC! Wait, I forgot. Which did I use in last week's article?

Plotzed publican Peter G. has tired of his local and decided he'd rather pop round to das Lokal for a schnitzel. Researching reviews, he was surprised by an unexpected mountain PICNIC (Problem In Chair Not In Computer). "Dumont Travel seem to think the Anschluss is still in effect, or at least this is what you get when you ask for travel info for Austria (Österreich)."