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Dec 2022

Shipping a Gallon of Soap

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While JSON's strength is its (relative) simplicity, XML's strength was always its power. Combined with an XML schema, you can create strongly typed documents with arbitrary data-types. For example, it's easy to define, oh, I don't know, a date time field in a way that isn't stringly typed.

Of course, that's what also creates its complexity. XML is big, and bloated, and expensive to parse. Which brings us back to the old days of SOAP- the Simple Object Access Protocol, essentially an XML remote procedure call. It was powerful, but complex, with lots of interlocking standards. With its Web Service Description Language (WSDL), the service could even be self documenting, laying out all the objects and fields you could interact with.

Classic Errord: Having Fun With Words

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Error'd are eternal. This one's from way back when. Original

M. T. wants to expandify your vocabulation!

Common Variables

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It's important to be prepared- but not too prepared. A common trap developers fall into is "premature abstraction"- trying to solve the general case of a problem when you only need to solve a very specific case.

Frequent contributor Argle sends us some very old BASIC code. The task was to convert this ancient language into C#.