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Jan 2024

Best of 2023: A Single Bug

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It's New Year's Day, and it's a great opportunity to look back at our story from last year that is in the most dire need of a New Year's Resolution: A Single Bug. --Remy

Matt's team had a party after their last release. It was a huge push, with tons of new features, that came at the end of many months of work. On the Monday after the party, they came back into work for unsurprising bad news: nothing is perfect, so there were several issues and defects that needed to be patched, quickly.

Since QA is the team responsible for signing off and approving any work, QA is the team that also owns the defect tickets. Matt and his team can't do any work without a ticket, which meant they spent almost an entire day knowing there were bugs to fix, but without any idea of what bugs to fix.