"I work at a large insurance company here in the UK and our life insurance system doesn't allow 'death' to be a valid reason for a member leaving a life insurance policy. Seems to me to be a pretty big oversight," Jimmy D. wrote, "Having raised this with our technical support team I was told there was (and I quote) 'no real benefit' to fixing this so it will be left as-is."


"While I was flipping through the channels in my hotel room, I came across this. Not just the blue screen, but WinNT, SP6," Duston writes, "Talk about your cutting edge television!"


"Call me crazy, but maybe before teaching other people how to create websites that they should check their own site?" postulates Ged.


"IIS is telling me that GET isn't allowed, so...maybe I'll use GET instead?" wrote William S.


"Some vendors only provide a few shipping methods to pick from but this one will ship your order by almost any means possible," writes Leigh.


"On the one hand, you could say that someone at Microsoft was lazy," writes Aryo H., "but, yeah, Server 2003 is pretty much 'blah' at this point."


"I sure hope I don't have to contact tech support," writes Farokh, "My phone doesn't have an 'E' or '+' key."