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Jay was excited: he finally landed a job interview for a developer position. While for many of us such an event registers pretty high on the “big deal, that happens to me all the time” scale, it was pretty rare for Jay. Like many of his young peers, Jay lacked experience in the industry. But unlike his peers, Jay did not have a college degree. And he lived in Mississippi, a state not exactly known as a hub for things high-tech. Or really even tech. [expand full text]
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Re: Blinded By His Brightness

2007-10-14 20:16 • by Nefarious Wheel (unregistered)
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If you want people to laugh, tell them a joke. If you want them to think you're witty, feed them a straight line.

Intelligence, knowledge and education are all useful, but their documentation is sometimes unremarkable and often regarded only as a ticket to the interview. If you can demonstrate that you can follow the line of conversation in a clever way, that you actually listen rather than simply wait for your chance to speak, you'll have a better chance.

Of course I could be mistaken, but I have hired a hundred or so programmers in my career directly with 98% success. Your mileage may vary. Brilliance and a balanced personality on the day will win out over the best resume.

Re: Blinded By His Brightness

2007-12-05 23:34 • by Alex Gergoriev (unregistered)
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Let the South Secede:
- Your culture is explicitly racist (as opposed to vaguely racist in the north and west)
- Your economy depends on riverboat gambling and almost nothing else
- Your supercomputer centers are there because of congressional pork, not merit
- Your state would still vote for Bush if he ran for an illegal third term.

MS is sixth for highest percentage of health uninsured
MS is second at 12.9 murders/100,000 people
tenth in highest unemployment rate
second in percent under poverty line (23.5)
seventh in per-capita defense spending

Don't know if it's valid, but you're #49 of 50 there...

Notice that my statistics are per-capita/percentage based, so rankings aren't skewed by absolute population numbers.

-fat on the government till

oh yeah..


California fares even worse in this data...

Re: Blinded By His Brightness

2008-01-03 18:02 • by The Mississippian (unregistered)
The author obviously doesn't know that Mississippi is ranked as being on the top 10 list of SUPERCOMPUTERS IN THE WORLD. That the Saturn rockets were built in Mississippi and that all engine testing is performed at Stennis Space Center (SSC). SSC is also a satellite facility to over eight major universities in Mississippi and the world and the home to the Naval Oceanography know that place that performs MASSIVE computing on the worlds OCEANS.

As a Mississippian that is also a Software Engineer who has programmed in PERL, Python, Java, Matlab, PV-Wave, IDL, C, C++, Zope, Ruby, used every RDBMS and many applications servers and COTS I'd say the author is DEAD wrong.

So, I personally think the author should consider doing some basic research prior to making blanket statements about a place he/she has never been to.

Stupid things to say to an engineer

2008-01-31 12:39 • by Annie (unregistered)
Midco, my employer in Kansas City, has just been sold to Bigco, a silicon valley firm. One of the Bigco managers comes out to Kansas and is given the task of managing the company's hot new product being developed. While waiting for people to filter into the first meeting she'll attend with the development team, she asks another suit, "This is advanced software. Can we DO this with Kansas programmers?"
Most of the dev team is in the room. As is the COO.

Re: Blinded By His Brightness

2009-11-08 12:36 • by Marvin (unregistered)
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My Moonshine Distillery has indoor plumbing, natch!

Re: Blinded By His Brightness

2010-12-21 09:04 • by cindy (unregistered)

Re: Blinded By His Brightness

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