Mandatory Fun Day

A web comic about software, technology, and life as a corporate code monkey.

2.π: Hiring Spree

This comic never ended up getting used in Mandatory Fun Day Series 2, and I figured what better time than classics week '09 to bring it out! Enjoy.

2.25: Rescued


Magenta Kong

One of my all-time favorite reader comics was Matt. C's #205432 ("Magenta Kong"). It was one of the many great reader comics on 2.6: A Roadblock. Since then, Matt. C has done the unthinkable: he turned Magenta Kong into an actual Flash-based game. It's built from entirely scratch in ActionScript without a single ROM hack in sight.

The 1.0 Alternates

Since we're in Classics Week, I wanted to share a couple Series 1 comics that ended up getting cut. They star Zach, the lovable FOSS Fighter that also got the cut. Alt1.22: Some Alone Time

2.16: Giving In


2.14: But Why?


2.13: The Demo


2.1: Ahoy!

If there's one thing The Internet doesn't have enough of, it's Web Comics. Really, it's almost impossible to find a web-comic these days.