"Sure is some wild weather we're having tonight," remarked Jeff.


"See? I knew it! It was just a matter of time before the machines started to rise up!" wrote Dirk G., "Thankfully, instead of killing humans, they are into making good music instead."


"I wonder if the 'Unknown Device' is the card reader that just ate my card," postulated Richard.


I received this when attempting to import data into excel using MS Query," wrote Dan P., "I think I got a pirate instead."


"I was trying to update an app and this error popped up," writes Cormac McGaughey, "I'm not sure what a EAN is or how I should ingest it."


Raúl Pedroche wrote, "I am eager for seeing all the , the , and the , of course! Even more taking into account the Golden Globes have been presented by !"


"I know some languages can communicate very complicated ideas in just a few words, but I didn't realize Chinese was quite this dense," writes Mike.


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