"I got quite the surprise when I tried to leave the car park at the Orchard Centre in Coventry," Matt Outram wrote, "luckily the guy 'in the machine' agreed that this was a bit excessive and let me go."


"I spotted this at the service counter of a retail store in Hawaii," Ian notes, "I wasn't all that tempted to sign up for the credit card, though."


"Good for 500 years?" Spencer writes, "now that's quite the shelf life."


"I got this message after downloading an activation key for some software from Ricoh," Derek M. Loseke writes, "now I can live with the really bad grammar, but why is it asking me this before it gave me the key? I'm confused."


"I received this error when updating the firmware on my Buffalo Terrastation," writes Tim, "do you think it worked ok?"


"This box popped up while I was using Komodo IDE," Sirbastian writes, "despite having extra buttons, none of them did anything. Not even the X in the top corner."


"I installed the new RealPlayer and decided to update my 'Demographic Data' information," Arne wrote, "apparently, they still seem to think that anyone born after '88 isn't capable of using the net, and they also deem any OS newer than XP not worthy of mentioning."


"My girlfriend was shopping for some sandals on Amazon," Aaron Wolfe wrote, "I think the Little Kid / Big Kid Hurricane's look nice."


"I got this lovely letter shortly after moving," Steve writes, "I mean really, how thoughtful of them to write me. And they even spelled my last name correctly, asterisk and all!"


"Does that mean 25 minutes to turn into little asterisks?" Jonathan Sutcliffe, "or is this some sort of wildcard."


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