There are those who embrace criticism, believing it will help them become a better at whatever they are trying to do. Then there are those who shy away from criticism, feeling that it is a personal attack. And then there are people like cybreid's colleague, who are so confident in what they do and embed their work with justification of every action. I wonder what the footnotes on this fella's Composition essays looked like ...

// Compile the SQL query to run - why not a stored proc?  Good question!
// We are not using a stored procedure here because this app doesn't really warrant 
// that sort of configuration management overhead.  I would like this app to 
// be completely self-contained within the code.  That way, if there need to be changes
// made, they are made in one place, and we are only rolling one thing - the code.
// As for performance, the loss is negligible, especially since this app will only
// be running once a day per campaign, at most.  
sqlCmnd.CommandText = 

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