It's a two-for-one day today. Well, more like two-half-posts-hoping-to-make-up-for-one, but you get the idea. First, Nikola Tepper shares with us what happened when he finally was able to figure out what the spec was:

Me: I think I understand, you want me to display this comment everytime this value is negative?

Client: Hmmm... “everytime“? That's really a strong word. Could you program it, so it displays it in, hmmm... lets say 90% of cases?

And since we had so much fun commenting on comments in yesterday's post, Shawn Palmer presents us with the opposite: the comments left behind by a not-so-confident programmer.

///TODO: add so that it actually does something with orderPlanWeekId
///TODO: Maybe I don't need to, try to understand what the above TODO was for

On another note ... the site will be moving out of my basement to a new host and a new platform (Community Server). During the DNS switch (does that still take 2-3 days?), RSS feeds will be still served on the old server and all other requests will just redirect to the new server. I'm excited!

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