It's Share Your Bizarre Email day! Here's three to get started...

James W passed along this email, originally sent by a manager at a certain non-profit...

Hello All,

A techie named A--- M---- will be coming this Weds the 14th by 9:30 to help us with 
any remaining IT problems we’re having.  He’s helped us a couple of times here before, 
and I’ve used him personally for several years.  Warning for those who haven’t met 
him – he’s a very strange, ultra intense guy – but very efficient and seemingly 
knowledgeable and competent.  He’s always been able to solve my problems within a 
fairly quick time frame.  

Don’t be alarmed if he tries to give you a DVD about 9-11 issues – it was our deal
with him that he would give us his old $40/hr rate if we would agreed to watch this 
DVD, which apparently (I still haven’t watched it) is some diatribe against the US 
govt, which he utterly mistrusts – along with all the machinery of establishment 
generally. My advice: don’t chat with him (more than necessary to be civil) or you’ll 
get an earful about all this!

Otherwise a nice guy… I promise!


Everyone at Brian's company was sent this message...

Hi all-

Not sure which of you guys use Angie's log-in for the network provider, but we had 
to change the password for security reasons.  Here is the updated info as of 11/20/07:

password: chAch@momba

Thought that would be easy to remember.

J-- D-----


Human Resources at Kyle U's company sent around this exciting notice of a new benefit to everyone ...


Just a quick update on the new employee benefit mentioned earlier...

The firm has made the decision to pay full-time exempt employees for unused Personal 
Time at the end of the calendar year, providing their work hours reflect an average 
of 45 hours worked per week over the course of the calendar year of 2008.  

Therefore, if you have unused Personal Time at the end of 2008 and have averaged 45 
work hours per week during this calendar year, you will be eligible to receive a pay 
out of your unused Personal Time at the beginning of 2009.

"So...," Kyle added," if we work at least 45 hours per week and not take any of our five personal days - thereby working 12.5% more (45h / 40h) - we can get a 1.9% raise. Cha-ching!"


Now go ahead and post that bizarre message from a client, your coworker, or the boss that you've been holding on to, waiting for something like... well, today!

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