"It's been unseasonably warm lately. Which is strange since the Sun has burned out," writes Runar Ovesen Hjerpbakk.


"So long as I don't look at the total at the bottom, I'm an investment GENIUS!" Travis bragged.


"Why just buy a single game when you can buy the whole bundle for $NaN?" asks Rhuantavan.


"For being a show about finding entities," Chris wrote, "it's obvious that Ghost Adventures don't really know what to do once they find them."


"It looks like the Path to Exile is a pretty long one," remarked Peter.


Perhaps DJ's vote would've counted...if he had contacted Kristen first that is.


"Apparently SkyDrive needs to upload 16 exabytes of data," writes Daniel S., "I hope Microsoft has lots of space on their servers but at less than 1 megabyte per second upload speed I don't expect it to be done for the next 545 millenia and the cost would be around $11,339,000,000 per year."


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