"I encountered this security question when logging into my bank's website after they released a new version," Brendan writes, "I always knew that weird calendar we used growing up would pay off!"


Nathan Friedly wrote, "Huh! It turns out I live on the West Coast after all. Who knew?"


Roger writes, "I want to pick a color, but I'm not sure how...I mean, what? Is the site voice activated or something??"


While selecting a phone on EE (UK mobile phone company) and having selected 'Apple', the site gave me this choice," Dave L. wrote, "Should I choose one of the 11 '**DO NOT USE**' and risk a cease-and-desist letter from Samsung?"


Pontus writes, "Microsoft sure has some crazy logic."


"When running the setup program for a Brother printer, it asked me to select a language. The only options were "USA" and, well... that was the only option," writes Jacob Posner.


"My phone told me today there was 'insufficient storage available'," wrote Ronny B., "I'm not sure whether I should believe the graph or the numbers."


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