"The Israeli bus company 'Dan' recently started putting big screens for commercials on the back of the bus," writes Eran Chetz, "it's a little concerning that the bus cannot load


"I was filling out a customer opinion survey when this happened," Michael H. wrote, "let's for a moment ignore the fact that they lost two rows somewhere, though that's a WTF all its own. I think this radio button binding scheme should be classified as the 'tar baby' anti-pattern - once you click them they can never be deselected and the user is stuck with them. Clicking more only makes the problem worse - you get stuck with more selections, which makes the validation problems worse, which encourages more experimentation. Eventually, you get to a point where they're all checked, and you can do nothing but take a screenshot and chuckle a little."


"It's time to renew the passport, and once again deal with the red tape that is the British Government," writes Simon, "I do like that I can choose to pay £49 or £77.50. I'll go with £49."


"I appreciate math CAPTCHAs," writes David, "but 7, 0, and NULL didn't work here."


Wesley Van den Eede wanted to buy a new mesenger bag, and found some good options on ebags.com... until he saw the "Sales!" prices.


"I don't think they had computers in 1649, but somehow my antivirus last updated then," writes Brian E.


"Thank you, PostgreSQL, for letting my copy-paste this excellent, easy to remember passw—", Joel Hinz writes, "... oh wait, never mind."


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