I didn't have any non-support-related or non-code-snippet submissions, and I'm trying to shoot for a bit of variety here :-). So, here's a WTF from yours truly.

For the past year or so, I've been working with a client to develop some rather complex web-based software to allow dieticians and their patients to manage a special diet that is supposed to help people with severe allergies. To populate our database, we copied the USDA's Nutrient Database, which has over 6,000 records, and had the client categorize and delete entries that she didn't want in the system. Interestingly enough, some of the "foods" in the 2,200 remaining records were Beaver, Horse, Opossum, and of course, my absolute favorite:

Before you think it, no, it was not an accidental inclusion. The client actually categoriezed this into the groups "Milk Products" and "Milk" and gave it the short name "Human Milk." Now I don't know about you, but I honestly cannot fathom a situation where anyone (oh, this diet is appropriate only for twelve years and older) would consume a significant (measurable) amount of Human Milk. And even if one did, would you really want to share that with your dietician? Yes you say? Well, contact me I'll show you where to sign up to use this software for only $10.00 a month!

Submissions are greatly appreciated! Send on in bizare architectures, code-snippets, UIs, or just about anything else you'd like.

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