• theCoaCH (unregistered)

    Actually, it is not uncommon for people to drink human milk, especially in the first year of their life, and for that human milk to be a significant source of the childs nutrients.
    I would like to see them add an entry specifically for the kids of Springfield Elem -- rat milk.

  • Darren (unregistered)

    He did say in the original posting,

    "oh, this diet is appropriate only for twelve years and older"

  • kevin white (unregistered)

    Pornstars have alergies too.

  • FistyTheFerret (unregistered)

    "especially in the first year of their life" - no shit?

  • elrond (unregistered)

    Drinking human milk as an adult is no more unnatural than drinking the milk of other animals. Not that there's anything wrong with being unnatural - we're using computers, powered by electricity, connected to the internet, etc after all.

  • Achromatic (unregistered)

    Apparently tastes fucking horrible, though:


  • arfnarfsi (unregistered)

    The image is obviously altered to include "Human Milk". Notice that "Human Milk" is crisp, unlike the antialiased text throughout the rest of the image.

  • mouser (unregistered)

    I think that the antialiasing is merely a way to highlight the non-antialiased portion.

  • Alex Papadimoulis (unregistered)

    Not unlike previous posts, I blurred all parts of the image except the part I wanted to emphasise. I can assure you that it's really in the system. I see it alllll the time while testing the software (as it pops up under like 5 different categories).

  • mjb (unregistered)

    Horse is indeed eaten in some parts of the world. In Japan, you can order it in some restaurants. Given that this is a US database you're talking about, I can see why it would seem out of place, but nevertheless, there's no need to put horse in scare quotes.

  • Jason (unregistered)

    I also noticed that there's Sheep milk on there too. Is there a big market for Sheep milk?

  • Dave (unregistered)

    But why isn't horse milk listed.

  • hognoxious (unregistered)

    Some cheeses are made from sheep's milk.

    And I swear I saw mare's milk on sale in Belgium once.

  • Rick C (unregistered)

    No, the comment on Steve Don't Eat it refers to being grossed out by the concept. As he said, breast milk is slightly sweeter than regular milk.

  • Paul Turner (unregistered)

    A notable ommision to the list is 'Ant Milk'. Used to make ants milk cheese. Bugger to collect though.

  • John (unregistered)

    Beaver meat is common among those who don't dwell in the city. Very sweet tasty. The only thing disturbing about it is that beavers are classified as rodents.

  • Guido (unregistered)

    From an ethical point of view, I see no difference at all between eating horse and eating cow. And horse is really tasty!

  • NYMare (unregistered)

    I know you find it strange to eat a horse. I also did not like it in the begining... But it's pretty common thing. As one said it's just like eating a cow.
    We even have a very populay HorseBurger in Ljubljana...

    But I wouldn't eat a dog or... a cat? brrrr...

  • Gaylord Fokker (unregistered)

    I can milk anything with nipples.

  • Jack Byrnes (unregistered)

    I have nipples Greg. Could you milk me?

  • me (unregistered)

    that would all depend on what you wanted "milked" woulden't it? >;-)

  • Steve (unregistered)

    Indeed, we have mare's milk in Belgium. There even is a liquor based on it which has quite a reputation. Also horse-meat is being sold and eaten, although less than some other meats. Sheep and goat milk are both used to produce cheese, so it isn't all to hard to imagine it's being consumed as is by some people.

  • anonimous (unregistered)

    Got milk?

  • (cs) in reply to hognoxious

    And I swear I saw mare's milk on sale in Belgium once.

    Quite possibly, but it's a brand of wine I believe :)

  • (cs)

    You can keep the opossum and horse. I'll eat the beaver thank you very much!

  • DrGuz (unregistered)

    A personal friend of mine drank human milk to fight cancer, with successful effects quite confounding his doctors. Though he eventually succumbed, he gained nearly two additional years of quality living.

  • kram (unregistered)

    Can't have much faith in a dietitian who believes eggs are a milk product. Must have grouped items based on how they are arranged in a grocery store.

  • Thomas (unregistered) in reply to Steve
    Indeed, we have mare's milk in Belgium.
    We do indeed. It's considered to be therapeutic for people suffering from certain skin conditions (e.g. eczema and psoriasis). There is some scepsis about the benefits though.

    And as for horse meat, I just happen to have eaten a garlic sausage with horse meat with my Belgian fries for lunch. It's not uncommon to find horse steak in our butcher shops. I've even had foal steak once, it's very tender meat. I consider it as (un)ethical as eating veal or lamb.

  • gregsdennis (unregistered)

    I find it offensive that no one has mentioned how these poor women are given artificial hormones to ensure they keep lactating, held captive in small stalls, and are required to be attached to breast pumps for over 14 hours per day. The human milk industry is so cruel!

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