"I'm going write a strongly worded letter and make sure I get every last 0.00000000000001E7 cent!" writes Jay F.


Ryan wrote, "A co-worker of mine took this photo during a trip to the US. The outside temperature's not bad for being 80 million feet in the air, and if that wasn't enough, the plane appears to be travelling backwards."


"It's no surprise that when browsing ski conditions, an ad for a ski resort appears," writes Michael, "but in this case, the pairing is a little bit...disturbing"


"We did some failover testing on our webhosting platform last week," wrote Brian M., "Should we worried about CPU usage of over fifteen million percent?"


Steve Dilley wonders, "Isn't anyone at Microsoft doing QC anymore?"


"While looking for a very specific Parker pen, I stumbled upon this rather unspecific error page," wrote Marc. (Original url: http://www.parkerpen.com/pl/possession/warranty)


"The sad part is I'm sure some people still bought it for $72.38 more," Andrew G. remarked.


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