“A popular job interview question goes something like, ‘program me an elevator control system,’” Stephen writes, "apparently, the elevator company never thought to ask their programmers that question."


"I was looking for a synonym for the word 'completed'," Mark noted, "but according to thesaurus.reference.com, there are no synonyms for 'completed'. Maybe I should try 'completed' instead?"


"The cheapest and most useless network cable tester available on teh internets came complete with this comedy insert," Vic Edge writes, "Remember, do not change it on your mind."


Peter Sloboda writes, "after right-clicking for the 100th time inside the SourceGear's Vault Diff tool, choosing 'copy', and then having the subsequent paste fail, I have finally discovered the Vault programmer’s inside joke."


"This recently came to our house in the mail," Cassandra writes, "odd thing is, neither I nor my husband attended SDSU."


"Hmmm, I don't remember requesting two arrays," Fox wrote, "I must be going senile or something."


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