C.F. wrote, "I came really close to redeeming my 'free' cheese sticks coupon on Pizza Hut's site."


"Apparently, I'm going to get my server right before the end of WWI," wrote Mark.


"Condi notified me that there was an error with one of my actions," Julien writes, "I still don't think it was worth it."


"Barnes and Noble has secured my order by making it NaN," writes Kevin K.


"I know it's a new programming language and all, but I was surprised to see the language specification for Swift weigh in at 99 exabytes," writes Alastair.


"How much does it cost to visit Seattle? Well, according to the Barclay Card Travel Community, you're better off not asking," writes Vitaliy.


Roger A. writes, "Wait - so the next bus departs in 9 hours and how many minutes?!"


Johannes S. wrote, "I've heard that Americans aren't the best at geography, but I didn't think that it'd apply to their websites."


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