"I got this weird error message from my IM software," writes Sakari Nylund, "hopefully free colors won't do anything bad."


"I'm not an expert," writes Joanna Poe, "but I don't think that's Spanish for 1.5 quarts."


"At my company, they have a program that shows slides on TVs around the buildings," wrote Jim, "It looks like today they asdf asdfasf fasdf."


"I found this in the largest department store in Finland," Tarmo Toikkanen writes, "And no wonder pzzlog is not found - even Google has trouble finding it!"


"I saw this at the KC zoo," wrote Bobb V, "I pointed it out to a worker there, and they said it was correct. I guess Boomers run slower in metric?"


"The Royal Bank of Scotland ATM obviously thinks that my mobile phone provider's name is unprintable," writes Calum Poole


Johann is not sure what to do here.


"I was watching the World Cup broadcast in Australia, and this showed up," Milton wrote, "This is teeeeemmmmpppplllllaaaaattttteeeeeee!"


"I got this when looking through my YouTube preferences," Simon Hollingshead wrote, "apparently, my emails are coming in English, but they'd rather I had them in English. I don't see the problem myself."


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