GUIDs are unique, but are they unique enough? There is, of course, a slim chance of a collision. Sure, you're more likely to be struck by a meteor and lighting while winning the lottery on a Tuesday during Lent while driving your Ferrari to the diner for pancakes, but it can happen!

Who wants to live in a world with that kind of risk? Sergei sent us this code, and whoever wrote it sounds like a very careful kind of person.

private Guid DifferentGuid(params Guid[] guids)
   Guid result = Guid.NewGuid();

   while (guids.Any(g => g == result))
       result = Guid.NewGuid();

   return result;

Here is how it's used:
Guid guid1 = Guid.NewGuid(); Guid guid2 = DifferentGuid(guid1); Guid guid3 = DifferentGuid(guid1, guid2);

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