"Saw this while I was building my pizza on Domino's website. I wanted to add garlic to the pizza," Cole Johnson wrote, "but I guess that they don't have any."


"While looking for somewhere that would repaint my bike, I came across a local engineering company with this contact form on their website," writes Stewie, "I decided to just email them from Gmail."


"I guess this baby is crying because of javascript," notes LaMaia Cramer, " I'm not sure I can blame her."


According to Dor, Total Commander goes to eleven.


Vince wonders what they serve at the DO NOT USE bakery...the N/A Breakfast Sandwich?


Robert Watkins spotted this in a Burger King at the Calais Eurotunnel terminal.


Carl Norum writes, " I don't think Menlo Park is where they think it is..."


"I'm not sure it's worth it to come up with a username that long just to get access to the forums," wrote Craig Wagner.


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