"It tried to open a popup," Ara wrote, "I wonder if it was going to say 'get Message Error(Buyer)!'?"


Ronald L. wrote,"Spotted this one at a Hertz car rental desk at an airport. I wonder if the airport security guys can help?"


"I love a bit of 90s sarcasm with my Dell order," Chris writes.


"I suppose this is preferable to SourceTree displaying the same dialog box 13 times," writes Kevin K.


"I really appreciate it that Microsoft offered this level of detail when explaining the problem," Jim writes.


Speaking of Microsoft, in this screen cap that Matt sent in, it's interesting to see how Windows 7 directs the user to Sun Microsystem's website...which doesn't exist. I hope they take his suggestion.


"So I tried to copy a file over with WinSCP from our UNIX machine... and got the weirdest error. It was oddly fitting to the code I'm working on right now. I wish the previous author of the code got that error instead, it would save me quite some headaches," Pawel writes.


Ryan Strain wrote, "Hmmm... Newegg's shell shocking deal this morning...isn't all that shocking after all."


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