"I was looking at prices for a train journey," writes Hamish, "I think my company's accountant might raise an eyebrow if I upgraded to first class".


"I'm not sure, but I think that Apple Mail is trying to troll me," Nick wrote.


Edward writes, "Apparently, COBOL is more raunchy than I've been lead to believe!"


"I've been visiting Berlin and in getting there, I traveled by tram," writes Daef, "Based on these screenshots, I'm kind of amazed that we actually made it there."




"I had to cancel the download - I was worried that I'd run out of disk space before the download 'officially' completed," Martin wrote.


"I did a search on American Airline's Australia site for a flight and...yeah. That's definitely an error," Michael writes.


"I hear interest rates are low, but somehow I think BofA will find a way to wiggle out of this too-good-to-resist offer," writes John W..


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